Learning what powers the factory looms

Blending Causal Inference and Predictive Computation.

A methods diary.

Understanding complexity requires explicitly labeling our intuitions and the investigations that we conduct to test them.

Healthcare drew me in, after completing my economics degree, as a particularly rich field in terms of data sources.
It quickly became apparent that the field would be punishingly complex, and it truly demands an obsessiveness to construct helpful models of this world.

Methods Posts

Launching CouchDB

Created a new EC2 instance on Linux 2018. Log in with SSH, with key in the directory Install dependencies yum install gcc gcc-c++ libtool curl-devel ruby-rdoc zlib-devel openssl-devel make automake rubygems perl git-core Enable EPEL repository Build SpiderMonkey JS Engine downloaded dependencies, got spidermonkey, and all that. I’ve been using The challenge is Once… Continue reading Launching CouchDB

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