Pitch: I help the public sector improve and target health care programs through intensive study of available data and traditional resources like gray and academic literatures. After working in criminal justice, education, and health policy, I now consult with federal and state government health agencies. Ideally, my next steps would allow me to apply epidemiological methods to government program data, or expose me to a new niche of health care financing.

I dive deep into policy readings, academic literatures, and datasets to form worthwhile reports to advise efficient and equitable implementation of government and nonprofit programs.

1. I believe organization leaders and constituents should play an integral role in research projects, system planning, and program evaluation.

2. I believe good research should play an integral role in decision making for far-sighted planning, equity and efficiency.

Always eager to master the problem, skillset, or project before me, I attained a near-perfect academic record in economics and government leadership at American University (B.S., 2018) while every semester serving at consultancies and nonprofits or teaching comparative political science and/or leadership development labs.

I think through writing and models, maximizing mental traction on the task at hand. In my free time, I hike and bike. Recently, I have been proposing an international study to test a conundrum about the relationship between chronic condition services at primary care and patient hospitalization rates. Professionally, I provide statistical and policy consulting for federal and state governments.


  • B.S. Economics, American University, 2018, 3.98/4.0
    • 2018 Ruth Dewey Meade Prize winner for distinguished undergraduate thesis
    • Advanced Undergraduate Certificate in Public Affairs Leadership
  • Public Policy & International Affairs Fellow, Carnegie Mellon Univ., 2017, 4.0/4.0

Primary Interests: Health policy, statistics, and program implementation

Hobbies: Hiking, biking, foam rolling my injured knee

Assets: Sufficient backpacking equipment to survive the zombie apocalypse with my housemates.

Ridiculous Concerns: The cultural and resource-use effects of Amazon Prime.