Planning a Hectic Quarter

Priority Activities

  • Project Report
  • Seeking funding
  • Creating pool of prospective TA sites
  • Developing automated TA products
  • Creating reproducible research
  • Publication


I will feel great momentum if I get a draft of the project report together, using a clear structure and leaving placeholders where I am not best suited for the writing task.

I should keep the data dictionary open while integrating the code segments from across the Shiny app, Rmd, and R scripts.

I should continue with my approach, creating an R script that outputs pngs and csvs (add), and then pulling these and outputing them in the Rmd. The Rmd could present a lot more info by using tables in lieu of some vizzes.

Week of 10/5 Activities

  • Project Report Draft
  • Data dictionary
  • Combining the maps, histograms, and other graphs into a single document
  • List of leads for (1) government interest (2) academics who could use this (3) prospective funders (4) prospective TA sites
  • Identify waitlist data options – note that waitlists may be capped or diverted
  • % Elders on SNAP % Elders receiving meals on site (day centers, MOW)

Projects Beyond Eldercare Data

  • Water – ECHO and SDWIS; Census ACS to most granular level – all in R.
  • SDOH – Write up common forms of bias seen in social-intervention literature that monetizes and evaluates health effects of social interventions. – before Thursday and after RWJ?

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